Monthly Archives: October 2015

Divorce: Leave the Kids Out of It!

In the midst of a heated divorce, it can be easy to lost track of what is really important. Often, dueling spouses will use whatever they can to make their soon-to-be ex look bad, or to cause them pain. Sadly, it is not uncommon for spouses to drag children into...

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Staying Sane During a Crazy Divorce

Divorce has a way of turning even the most calm and patient people into stressed out messes. The expense, nitpicking battles with the soon to be ex-spouse, and overall negativity of the process can frustrate and unravel you to the point where you barely recognize yourself. According to this article,...

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Prenuptial Agreements are Not a Sign of an Impending Divorce

Years ago, the idea of a prenuptial agreement was only for the exceedingly wealthy looking to protect their fortunes. But in today’s world, prenuptial agreements are a sign of mutual trust and respect for every couple, regardless of their financial situation. A prenuptial agreement is simply a contract between spouses...

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