Monthly Archives: April 2014

Don’t Forget to Update Your Estate

The world after a divorce is full of questions. Some are common, such as “how will I handle having less money?” or “how are my kids going to handle this?”, but there are also some incredibly important questions that people often forget to ask. One of the first things that...

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Recent Wave of Friendly Celebrity Divorces

Divorce is an extremely emotional event. Even the most level-headed of people can find themselves resorting to grudges, revenge, and petty name-calling when looking down the barrel of a divorce. It’s understandable, too, as for many people, the events leading up to a divorce are far from smooth. In almost...

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Training Courses Lead to Increased Marriage Satisfaction

When people hear of marriage counseling or training, they almost always think of relationships that are already showing signs of trouble. However, recently, there have been outbreaks of so-called “skills training” classes for new couples to undergo. In a published study, the results have shown that while the overall divorce...

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